Heading out…….

Well, the adventure begins very soon.  I am eager to see old friends, make new friends and see lots of wonderful places.  I will try very hard to post pictures and notes as much as possible.  Check back after April 3rd or so and hopefully there will be something new to see!  Happy Trails!!


12 thoughts on “Heading out…….

  1. Bon voyage! This is so exciting to be able to be on this journey with you! Thank you for sharing! God speed!
    Happy trails

  2. Rebecca, I’ve been waiting for your trip for a long time and is probably more excited than you are…ok…maybe not AS excited but pretty close! I’ll be glued to the site! Love ya and have a fantastic time!!

  3. Dear Rebecca, This is very exciting. One of my step daughters did a 2 year back pack around the world. I don’t know what you have planned but I hope you stop by. My husband, Bob, did a one year journey in a van around America that ended up being and endless journey and life changing. God is with you. Anne Adair

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