Arriving London


Here is a view from the plane as we are arriving in London. The pilot announces that it is ZERO degrees Celsius, what?!!! Gill and Jon were at the airport to pick me up, Gill had a nice coat, scarf and gloves for me to use, very much appreciated! After a quick coffee, we dropped off my bag at Gill’s then headed off for a nice breakfast and a wonderful tour of Surrey. We went to Windsor Castle, the flag was up so that meant the Queen was there. The que to tour the castle was too long, so we just strolled around the town. It is a lovely town and I enjoyed walking around even in the freezing weather. My favorite place of the day was Shere, a quaint old village. For those of you that saw the movie The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, the scene were she goes to the local pub to meet him, that pub is in this village. I do have tons of photos, just have to figure out how to get them from my camera to my iPad…… Learning lots of English sayings such as “going to spend a penny” and a “hen-do”. Having a wonderful time and looking forward to Gill’s wedding on Friday. I will try to get photos posted soon!


4 thoughts on “Arriving London

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Lynda is sitting here beside me and asked me to type this to you. She is not feeling well, cough and congestion – sure hope she will not get worse. She said she is thinking about you – glad you are enjoying your trip so far. Can’t believe the cold weather. It is raining here today, and 60 degrees or about there. Keep on having fun and enjoy the wedding!
    Love, Jan

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